We help businesses with getting automated.

By applying modern technologies to business processes. We do wide analysis and then we craft the needed tools to simplify the process, supporting it with hardware and software.

Nowadays it is not so easy to distinguish a life from a work, what makes people being in a work-mode day-and-night. That leads to the processes becoming ineffective, getting much more complicated than they should. We aim to change that pattern by focusing on a result with minimum efforts possible. We believe that doesn’t make us lazy or careless, but efficient instead. Towards effectiveness we aim, with efficiency in mind.

We work either fully remotely or from our partners offices, and are mostly located in Central Europe and Scandinavia. Our time zone is GMT+2 and right now it’s  here.

The Prominent Clients

  1. Well Animated is a team who focuses on animation, and they aim at doing it very well.
    • We help the guys with managing a render farm for them.
  2. Wee Woo is a team focused on small advertising banners. They do an animated web-banner within hours.
    • We help them with surviving the hell of making online-advertisements for Global Advertising Agencies.
  3. Unneeded is a design agency.
    • We help them with managing their design assets, and keeping things as simple as they need.
  4. Coded Carefully is our own coding department.

And some others.

If you are interested in becoming the one we would be happy sharing our business selves with, just drop us a line: trueowl@trueowl.com

The Socials

You may find some virtual us here:
  1. Medium is where we keep our blog.
  2. Twitter is where we write occasionally.
  3. Instagram is where we post photos, infrequently.
  4. Facebook is for everything else.

Meanwhile, let the owl to protect your sleep, by working for you.